Research Supervision: Prof Kingsley Dixon, Dr Tein McDonald and Dr Jason Stevens

Objectives: Develop researcher capacity for transparency of ecosystem restoration capability in the mining sector.

Outcomes: (1) Assessment of restoration standards achieved in the mining sector; (2) New Standard Guidelines for mining sector established and published.

PhD 13
Principles and standards in the practice of ecosystem restoration within the mining sector:
Despite the importance of minesite restoration and rehabilitation, the core principles of ecological restoration as outlined in international standards such as the Primer of SER International have not been followed by participants in the mining industry to date, although some exceptional companies strive for high standards. This PhD program will review the degree to which: (a) policy makers use established or emerging principles and standards for deriving restoration benchmarks for setting and evaluating closer criteria; (b) mining companies apply such principles and standards in designing, implementing and adaptively managing their restoration and rehabilitation programs and (c) community expectations and values associated with extractive industry activities.

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