The Centre’s governance structure reflects the emphasis on strategy, research, and communication and outreach that underpin planning and implementing the work programs. Figure 1 illustrates the governance and operating structure of the Centre.

Figure 1. CMSR Organisational Structure


The Centre’s Executive guides our operations and consists of the Director, Prof Kingsley Dixon, Deputy Director, A/Prof Grant Wardell-Johnson, and Centre manager Dr Renee Young who provide the overarching guidance and day-today leadership of the Centre and its research. The Executive meets weekly via teleconferences or face-to face at events to discuss Centre management, research, operations and policy.


Prof Kingsley Dixon (Chair) Curtin University 

A/Prof Grant Wardell-Johnson (Deputy-Director) Curtin University

Dr Renee Young (Secretary) Curtin University



The Research Program & Training Committee (RPTC) is responsible for the research direction of the research programs, outreach and the implementation of the CMSR. Our RPTC exercises leadership, enterprise, integrity and judgement so as to assure the CMSR provides continuing and lasting prosperity and meets the expectations of the Parties and the Training Centre's objectives. The values of the RPTC are to act in a manner based on transparency, accountability and responsibility; and facilitate the delivery of Projects so as to meet the requirements of the Funding Agreement and any Key Performance Indicators for the Training Centre. 

The RPTC has nine members, the Director, Manager, nominated representatives for the administering organisation (Curtin), supporting organisation (UWA) and from each of the approved Thematic Research Disciplines. The RPTC has meets quarterly, with two meetings held since the funding agreements were finalized. Meetings were held on the 25 October 2016 and 25 January 2017. 


Prof Kingsley Dixon (Chair) Curtin University Dr David Merritt Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority
Dr Renee Young (Secretary) Curtin University Dr Jason Stevens Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority
A/Prof Grant Wardell-Johnson Curtin University Dr Shane Turner University of Western Australia
Prof Erik Veneklaas University of Western Australia Dr Tein McDonald Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia Inc. 
Dr Siegy Krauss Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority  



The CMSR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) is responsible for making recommendations to the Parties, and attempting to resolve issues, matters and disputes relating to the implementation of the Training Centre and the Projects. The IAC delivers the highest possible standards of corporate governance with values based on transparency, accountability and responsibility. The IAC provides strategic advice to the Centre’s Executive leadership team with a particular focus on governance, communication, impact, outreach and research management.

The IAC has 12 members including an independent Chair, the Director, Manager, nominated representatives for the administering organisation (Curtin) and one member from each Partner organisation. The IAC meets bi-annually, with the inaugural meeting held on 14 December 2016 at Curtin University. 


Dr Erica Smyth (Chair) Mr Vern Newton Hanson Australia Pty Ltd
Dr Renee Young (Secretary) Curtin University Mr Robert Howard Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore Pty Ltd
Prof Kingsley Dixon (CMSR Director) Curtin University Mr Stuart Griffiths Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Ltd
Prof Chris Moran Curtin University Mr George Watson BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd 
Dr Ben Miller Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Mr Rhys Houlihan Karara Mining Ltd
Dr Tein MacDonald Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia Inc. Mr James Hesford Mineral Resources  Ltd 

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