SERA Conference, Brisbane Sep 2018

How the National Restoration Standards’ affirmation of native ecosystems as references can strengthen SERA’s function as a broad church. McDonald, T.

Recovery processes underpinning rainforest restoration in the Big Scrub. McDonald, T.

The new standards for improving mine site restoration. Dixon, K.

A framework for developing mine completion criteria. Young, R.

DNA metabarcoding - a new approach to fauna monitoring in mine site restoration. Paul Nevill.

Assessing the use of metabarcoding to monitor mine site restoration. Van der Heyde M.

Using invertebrate DNA (IDNA) metabarcoding to track restoration trajectories of arthropods across two mine site chronosequences. Van der Heyde M.

Automated monitoring of seedling emergence and early mortality from drone imagery. Buters, T.

Theory and Practice in Species Modelling for Conservation Restoration - Workshop. Tomlinson, S.

Introduction: The science underpinning Western Australian restoration programs… and beyond. Stevens, J.

Responses of fauna to mine site restoration. Cross, S.

Using the National Standard's Recovery Wheel at Your Site: A Participatory Workshop. McDonald, T.

The past, present and future of the native seed market in Europe. Pedrini, S.

Waste rock rehabilitation of magnetite-Fe ore mine under dry land conditions - plant establishment consideration. Stevens, J.

The international network for seed based restoration. Dixon, K.

Optimisation of seed coating technology to native grasses. Pedrini, S.

A Protocol Development Tool for native seed coating. Bhalsing, K.

Resolving dormancy in difficult-to-germinate Australian Ericaceae. Just, M.

Seed ecology supports and enhances restoration practices. Turner, S.


SER Conference, Brazil – Aug-Sep 2017

SER International Standards create regulatory opportunities for biodiverse ecosystem repair. Kingsley Dixon

Can we meet the seed challenge in global restoration? Kingsley Dixon

From the flower to the field: Global examples of best-practice for collecting seeds from the wild for use in restoration. Kingsley Dixon

Insights into landscape genetic structure of three short range rock outcrop endemic plant species using resistance surfaces. Paul G. Nevill, Todd P. Robinson, Giovanni Di Virgilio, Grant W. Wardell-Johnson

National standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia: Potential to improve large scale restoration. Kingsley Dixon

Soil depth constrains restoration options in drought-prone habitats. Erik Veneklaas

Stevens, J. Restoring banded iron formations after iron ore mining: ecophysiolgical and ecohydrological views. Jason Stevens

Identifying and communicating the practical science needed to meet the challenge of delivering biodiverse restoration – a case study of restoration within a mining context. Jason Stevens

Seed enhancement for ecological restoration. Simone Pedrini

The role of networks connecting native seed stakeholders and improving success in ecological restoration. Simone Pedrini


The 7th International Barcode of Life Conference, South Africa, Nov 2017

500 plastome project: New tools for conserving the Pilbara flora. Paul G Nevill, Xiao Zhong, Julian Tonti Fillipini, Margaret Byrne, Kevin Thiele, Stephen van Leeuwen, Laura M. Boykin, Ian Small.


NASSTEC Seed quality of native species: ecology, production, and policy - Richmond (UK) sep 2017

Optimizing seed processing techniques to improve germination and sowability of native grasses for restoration: implications for temperate grassland ecosystems. Simone Pedrini


International Botanical Congress (IBC), China and Lab visits –July 2017

Overlooked and undervalued: diversity and conservation of Australia’s seasonal freshwater wetlands. Adam Cross



International conferences on Serpentine Ecology, Albania – June 2017

Harnessing novel soil microbe plant interactions to improve plant establishment and eco-physiological resilience during mine site restoration. Jean Yong


IAVS Conference, Italy – June 2017

Interpreting the jewel in the crown: Patterns of rarity in the ancient subdued landscapes of south-western Australia’s Helena-Aurora Banded Ironstone Formation Range. G. W. Wardell-Johnson, T. Robinson, G. Di Virgilio, Paul Nevill


XIV Medecos & XIII AEET Meeting - Jan 2017

Large old trees in forests of Mediterranean-climate ecosystems: challenges for conservation. Wardell-Johnson, G.

Insights into landscape genetic structure of three short range rock outcrop endemic plant species using resistance surfaces. Paul Nevill, Todd Robinson, Giovanni Di Virgilio, Grant Wardell-Johnson.


Restore, Regenerate, Revegetate, University of New England, Armidale, NSW Feb 05-09 2017

Restoration ecology and biodiversity conservation. Kingsley Dixon


Native Plant Conference Washington DC Feb 2017

First Symposium of the International Network for Seed-based Restoration Washington DC – Feb 2017. Kingsley Dixon




Native Grass Researchers Workshop, Melbourne, Australia Nov 2016

Restoration increasing success with seeding programs: seed coating and flaming. Simone Pedrini


Ecological Society Australia Annual Conference - Fremantle. Australia Nov 2016

Insights into landscape genetic structure of three short range rock outcrop endemic plant species using resistance surfaces. Paul Nevill


SERA – Hamilton, New Zealand Nov 2016

Approaching tailings rehabilitation from the ground up. Adam Cross

Beyond rehabilitation in the global mining industries. Kingsley Dixon

Convenor and presenter Mining Restoration Symposium. Kingsley Dixon

Co-convenor and presenter of Restoration Standards for Australasia. Kingsley Dixon

Innovations for Mine Site Restoration. Paul Nevill

500 plastome project: New tools for restoring and conserving the Pilbara flora. Paul Nevill

The Buzz on Honeybee Energetics: Mismatches between Models and Measurement. Sean Tomlinson

Is local best? Insights on seed sourcing for restoration from provenance trials. Siegy Krauss

A framework to identify, communicate and prioritise research needs for effective ecological restoration. Ben Miller


IUFRO, Beijing, China, Oct 2016

Venerable old-growth and the wet sclerophyll forests of Australia: Heritage, perpetuation and inspiration. Grant Wardell-Johnson


The Native Seed Science, Technology and Conservation Initial Training Network, Outreach workshop - Trento, Italy Sep 2016

Native seed down under: what’s going on in Australia. Simone Pedrini


AusIMM New Zealand Branch Annual Conference, Wellington, New Zealand Sep 2017

Transforming the Future of Minerals Exploration.  Siobhan Sullivan








26th Annual Combined Biological Sciences Meeting - Perth, Australia Aug 2016

500 plastome project: New tools for conserving the Pilbara flora. Paul Nevill