Media release

Wednesday 26 April 2017 

A $6.7 million research centre based at Curtin University will partner with mining companies to apply world-class science to the rehabilitation of retired mine sites.

The ARC Centre for Mine Site Restoration (CMSR), directed by eminent botanist Professor Kingsley Dixon of Curtin’s Department of Environment and Agriculture, is coordinating research between Curtin University, Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority and The University of Western Australia (UWA).

In addition, the CMSR is supported by major industry partners including Sinosteel Midwest Corporation, BHP Billiton, Hanson Construction Materials, Karara Mining, Cliffs Natural Resources, Mineral Resources, and the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia. 

Professor Dixon, who was named WA Scientist of the Year last August in recognition of his efforts in conservation science, restoration ecology and plant science, said it was vital that the mining industry was supported in applying high quality science to its efforts to restore the integrity of mine sites.

“Restoration sits at the heart of Australia’s ability to sustainably and responsibly exploit its mineral wealth,” Professor Dixon said.

“The CMSR aims to connect high-end science with on-ground practice in mining restoration, and to train the next generation of high level researchers to be industry-ready.

“Researchers both at the post-graduate and doctoral level will work within industry, so industry will get to see them and understand the value of science, and the scientists will see how their research is valued and applied in the industry setting.

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